About the company

We started our services in the year 2012, in the Malé city, Our journey began as an online store from our apartment and we grew into a full-fledged business. Early years, we primarily focused on online sales and personal sales to friends and close associates.

As we saw the need to grow our business and improve our services, we registered our business in trade ministry and We opened a retail outlet to provide more personalized and professional services to our customers. Now we are among the top local online platforms selling branded tech items to the local market and also with our retail outlet we have advanced our customer care and customer service.

Now we supply top branded tech products to the government office, private offices and to the local market and growing our customer base day by day.

Our vision

Be a recognizable force behind the development of the personal, social and professional lives of people and business organizations by giving access to the top technologies around the global.

Our mission

To be the most reliable and trusted supplier of top technological products from globally recognized top brands.

Our commitment

The business and technological platform today is always evolving and changing with new innovations, Therefore we are constantly improving our services and introducing new products and services to the market and our mission is to provide best and top-quality tech products to the market so the people and business have excess to use high-quality tech products to their advantage and to succeed in their personal and professional goals.

Our business partners

Our understaing is that business partners are one of the key factors to suceed in business. Business relations with our partners are very important to us, todays world we all are connected and its important that we work together to optomize services to the end customers.

We maintain close relations with all our business associates and partners, from Banking, logistics, Insurance and retailers/resellers.