Buyer Assurance

  • All our products are purchased directly from authorized suppliers of the brand from its origin.
  • All our products are imported from the origin country of the brand.
  • All our products are genuine in its original package with product warranty.
  • We have highly trained staffs in place to help our customers.
  • Our hotlines are always open for inquiry and assistance 24/7.
  • Our customers can reach us always from our main online platforms, Website, email,
  • Facebook page or ibay account, or through our hotline numbers, we are always there to assist you.

Product Warranty

All the products carry 1-year product warranty. Note: Type of Product warranty may differ from brand to brand.

During the warranty period, you will be applicable to exchange for new product or repair the product free of charge if the products face genuine hardware or software problems without outside interference within warranty guidelines.

If the products are serviced from outside repair shops that are not affiliated with the brands, product warranty will be dismissed.